Based in Melbourne, Australia, Ueberschwarz is a new publishing venture with an international focus, and an intent on releasing non-fiction titles that are reasoned, evidentiary, and aimed at the intelligent but not necessarily specialist reader. Ueberschwarz identifies itself as a general non-fiction publisher, albeit with strong interests in the fields of history, politics and sociology, along with an engagement on questions concerning social and cultural change, and the built and manufactured environment.

Bringing a new perspective to publishing, Ueberschwarz endeavours to realise titles that may otherwise not be published, and present them through an innovative book design that reaches out to the contemporary reader. Producing digital and small-format print versions of its releases, Ueberschwarz also aims to keep costs to a minimum, while at the same time endeavouring to ensure those who bring the true value to its books – the authors and contributors – are duly respected.

Ueberschwarz starts this journey with the release of a small number of significant titles, that deal with fundamental questions about how we can shape the world, along with the limits that are and should be imposed on this ability. These titles point the way forward, and Ueberschwarz intends to build on these releases through an ongoing engagement with authors, contributors and cultural institutions – with the aim to publish where otherwise there might be silence.

Stephen Palmer